Opera Beast

This is Opera Beast

Opera Extraordinaire

Opera Beast mixes extreme physical performance with opera singing.
Unique, dark and beautiful performances for opera, theater and concert stages, as well as clubs and unusual venues.


Orpheus & Euridice

Body Suspension & Opera

Performed at the 3rd International Body Suspension Symposium, Malzfabrik, Berlin 2017.
Concept: Santa Sangre Body Rituals
Music: Claudio Monteverdi/Joa Helgesson
Photo: Aesthete Photography

Nessun Dorma

Body Suspension & Opera

Commission for Apokalipstick #The End, KitKat Club, Berlin, 2019.
Concept: Joa Helgesson, Hana Muza Mermaidova
Music: Giacomo Puccini/Joa Helgesson
Photo: Gili Shani



Commission for Exhausting the Body, Griessmuehle, Berlin, 2019.
Concept & Music: Joa Helgesson
Photo: Hector Riveros

Ode to Ecstacy

Body Suspension, Ritual & Opera

Performed at ORWOhaus, Berlin, 2022.
Concept: Louis Fleischauer/Aesthetic Meat Front
Music: Ludwig van Beethoven/Aesthetic Meatfront
Musical Arrangement: Joa Helgesson
Photo: Nika Kramer & Oliver Heinz


Bodysuspension, Opera & Installation

Performed at Wasteland Summerfest, Amsterdam, 2022.
Concept: Louis Fleischauer/Aesthetic Meat Front
Music: Aesthetic Meat Front/Joa Helgesson
Photo: KinkyPrints

A Man Hanged

Body Suspension, Scientific Lecture & Opera

Performed at Halland Opera & Vocal Festival, Halmstad, 2018.
Concept: Joa Helgesson
Music: Peter Maxwell-Davies/Joa Helgesson
Scientific Lecture: Anna Zakrisson
Photo: Anna W Thorbjörnsson

Cold Genius

Body Suspension & Opera

Performed at Apokalipstick – CULT, KitKat Club, Berlin 2019.
Concept: Krousky Peutebatre
Music: Henry Purcell/Hardy Tilger (Crashzkitt)/Joa Helgesson

Latex Händel


Commission for Apokalipstick : Cabinet of Horror, Maze, Berlin, 2019.
Concept: Joa Helgesson
Music: Georg Friedrich Händel
Movie Still: Captain Christoph

Flowers of Flesh & Blood


Performed at Borderland, Denmark, 2019.
Concept: Joa Helgesson
Music: Bette Midler/Anders Wängdahl/Joa Helgesson
Photo: Yann Houlberg Andersen

©Joa Helgesson, 2018