“In the end, evil is what one remembers in the shape of Joa Helgesson’s lyrical baritone, to a large extent because “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” is an operatic musical.”



Dagens Nyheter,

“Joa Helgesson, whose diabolical archdeacon unremittingly suffers in his office, has over forty roles on the merit list, last year the Phantom of the opera. Imposant he knows exactly how to own a scene.”




“Most complex is Joa Helgesson’s sanctimoniously evil Frollo, who gives room for cracks in the blackness.”



Svenska Dagbladet,

“Because when Frollo puts fire on the whole show, the benches shake and the scene vibrates, the show goes against a climax in this Hellfire.
Joa Helgesson utilizes his entire bass range and impresses ghastly with his straightforward cruelty in his Ave Maria, where he describes himself as a most pious, just and kind man, but can not understand why he falls for Esmeralda, her, “the gypsy witch, we must eradicate her!”


Borås Tidning,

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