Exhausting the Body (Performance “DivO” on the 13th of July)

July 12, 2019 - July 13, 2019
6:00 pm
Griessmuehle, Berlin
Exhausting the Body
Exhausting the Body (Performance “DivO” on the 13th of July)

You are invited to 48 hours of

Ritual + Performance + Art

To reach the exhaustion of the body is a desire that can be found throughout the ages in forms of various rites and rituals. We push our body to its limit with excessive movement (dance, sport) or by not moving at all (meditation, bondage), opening our skin, hanging from hooks, suffocation or the simple act of screaming

When we push our bodies to edge we reach sense of freedom, we find ourselves within new states of awareness.

Exhaustion is internal silence
Exhaustion is freedom from thought
Exhaustion is the gift of clarity
Exhaustion is the key to trance
Exhaustion is a key to the subconscious
Exhaustion is the purity of primal wisdom

Our society has a very superficial relationship to the human body. First we separate the body from the mind and then we only focus on the body’s surface. This is why a little cut on the skin is culturally more alarming then the poisoning of our food and minds.

EXHAUSTING BODY is an invitation to witness the beautiful side of pushing the body to its limit. We like to share the ecstasy of trance with you. As a human collective we have lost the connection to ourselves. Ritual can open this link again.

Body Art Rituals + Living Sculptures + Human Instruments + Custom Scars + Hook Suspension + Round Table + Art Exhibition

Aesthetic Meat Front – Body Art Ritual
Santa Sangre Body Rituals – Body Art Ritual
Coven Of Ashes – Feral Feminine Trauma Release
Gina Harrison – Fear Exorcism
Kareem Ghoniem – Trance Through whirling
Jay Matthews – Spining
Shannon Taylor – Exhaustion through Dance
Joa Helgesson – Exhaustion through Voice
Indígenak Suspensión Crew – Installation / Hooks Supension
Letizia Iman – Installation / Butoh
Luca Federici – Installation
Coco Katsura – Installation / Shibari
Tiger orchid – Installation
Luna Duran – Installation
Taylor rose- Installation / Painting
Thomas Carl – Sculptural
Daria Endresen – Photography
Nihil – Photography/Manipulation
The ljilja – Photography / Body Art Ritual
Jörg Merlin Noack -Photography
Nika Kramer- Photography
Peter Wendel – Photography
Christian Ermel – Painting
Darkam- painting
Jon John_ The 2 of us_ video projection

More TBA

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