Millennium Composition

Millennium Composition: This old video just popped up out of the blue!

Almost 20 years ago, I embarked on a musical journey that would change my life in so many aspects. Not least the humbling meeting with Quincy Jones and the mind opening journeys to New York and Shanghai. It all made me realize the limitations of my achievements up until that point, mentally and musically. It also made me understand that the road to artistic fulfillment inevitably has to be an endless one – one which cannot be followed far enough.

Most importantly, that’s an Entombed A.D.-shirt at 3:42.

I may not have ended up living my dream, working part time in a local sausage diner, spending the rest of my time cruising the world with my death metal band (yet). But even though my perceptions and ambitions were severely modified during these years, it was Entombed that brought me into this mess from the very beginning.

Long story short – let kids listen to metal and they might end up with Quincy Jones conducting their music!


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